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Customer Relationship Team

The Danesh Publications, Customer Relationship Team is dedicated to providing a high level of service to our customers. A majority of our Customer Relationship Team members have some level of actual teaching experience, thus approaching customers with an intrinsic knowledge of the challenges faced by them. Furthermore, team members are provided extensive in-house product trainings to better their ability to work with customers to find the best solutions for the customer. While based in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Relationship Team members visit schools across Pakistan.

Teacher Support Material

At Danesh Publications we understand teachers heavy workloads. To reduce the burden on teachers a vast majority of our learning resources are supported by complimentary, photocopyable Teacher Resource materials. These materials provide easy to understand, concise and to the point guidance on how to use the teaching resources and often include Lesson Plans and Worksheets to further aid teachers.

Academic Advisory

If for any reason, customers require additional clarifications our in-house Academic Advisors are at hand to assist. These individuals have extensive experience within schools, deep knowledge of school curriculum requirements as well as strong understanding of our product range. They are available to answer queries by phone or if required (and able) in person.

Workshop Programme *

Danesh Publications organizes high quality, academically driven, product focused workshops for qualifying customers under our complimentary Workshop Programme*. These workshops are customer centric and specifically designed to tackle implementation challenges highlighted by individual schools. After all, as we are all aware, no matter how good the product, it is the delivery of the content that matters the most.

We have conducted workshops for 1000’s of teachers across Pakistan to date. As a testament to the high quality, academic focus of our workshops, our customers ask us to return to provide workshops on a regular basis. Furthermore, we have been asked to expanded the range of workshops into providing general school and teaching related (ie: non-product implementation focused) workshops ranging from Lesson Planning to Effective Classroom Management and we have obliged.

* Terms & Conditions Apply