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Mary Bowen, Liz Hocking


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Macmillan English World is a multi-component, highly visual, 5 level primary English language learning course.

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About this Series

  • The course uses established best-practice methodology to encourage effective classroom teaching.
  • Active, whole-class learning is supported by a systematic approach with a key focus on developing the four skills.
  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening are consistently covered throughout the course and are underpinned by the firm foundation of the grammar syllabus.
  • The Workbooks continue the fun and engaging activities from the Pupil’s Books helping to reinforce the exercises completed and material already learnt.
  • The Grammar Practice Books contain further exercises to consolidate classroom learning.
  • Unique, supporting Dictionary provides enhanced vocabulary learning.

Primary (5 books)

Show Books

  • English World Pupil's Book 1

    ISBN: 978-178632705-5

  • English World Pupil's Book 2

    ISBN: 978-178632706-2

  • English World Pupil's Book 3

    ISBN: 978-178632707-9

  • English World Pupil's Book 4

    ISBN: 978-178632708-6

  • English World Pupil's Book 5

    ISBN: 978-178632709-3