Environment of Pakistan for Cambridge O Level


Course: Pakistan Studies



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Peak Publishing


John Hopkin, Rob Bircher


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This book has been written specifically for students studying the Cambridge IGCSE™ or O Level Pakistan Studies syllabuses (0448/2059).

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About this Series

It uses the most up-to-date sources to provide students with comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the geography of Pakistan in the twenty-first century. The main features of this book are:
  • full coverage of the Environment of Pakistan section of the syllabus
  • clearly written text which develops students’ knowledge and deeper understanding of the geography of Pakistan
  • high standards of design, with up-to-date maps, diagrams, graphs, photographs and data tables which engage students and develop their geographical skills
  • content organised in eight units, closely matching the structure of the syllabus content
  • key learning points summarised at the start of each unit to show how learners’ understanding of themes builds up, including Pakistan’s progress, environmental issues and sustainable development
  • regular activities which strengthen students’ learning through each chapter, with additional support for key questions
  • ‘skills practice’ features to reinforce students’ geographical skills
  • a substantial review feature at the end of each unit, encouraging students to check, reflect on and consolidate their learning, together with exam-style questions to enable students to assess their progress.

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  • Environment of Pakistan for Cambridge O Level Pupil Book

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