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Peak Publishing


Joyce Sweeney, Carol Doncaster


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Focus on Spelling is a practical, 5-book course in primary spelling is designed to lay the foundations for essential spelling skills.

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About this Series

  • The series helps pupils understand the concepts underpinning spelling rules by investigating how these rules work and by highlighting exceptions.
  • Pupils’ learning is supported by clear, concise explanations and easy-tounderstand, engaging illustrations.
  • A range of activities and progress tests consolidate learning and provide opportunities for practice and revision.

Teacher Support

Pupil Books are accompanied by Teacher’s Guides which include techniques to aid pupils’ learning, explanations, background notes and answers to exercises within all the Pupil Books.

Primary (6 books)

Show Books

  • Focus on Spelling Intro Book

    ISBN: 1-904189-65-2

    Rs: 500

  • Focus on Spelling Book 1

    ISBN: 1-904189-66-0

    Rs: 525

  • Focus on Spelling Book 2

    ISBN: 1-904189-67-9

    Rs: 525

  • Focus on Spelling Book 3

    ISBN: 1-904189-68-7

    Rs: 550

  • Focus on Spelling Book 4

    ISBN: 1-904189-69-5

    Rs: 550

  • Focus on Spelling Teacher's Guide

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