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Geography Around US is a new lower-secondary geography course that has been developed to deliver the Single National Curriculum 2022. It introduces students to the changing world, combining the geography of Pakistan with a strong international and global dimension.

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About this Series

Each Student’s Book is supported by a Workbook, which includes a variety of interactive tasks designed to support and extend each chapter in the Student’s Book, and a Teacher’s Guide, which provides useful teaching notes, answers to the Student’s Book activities, and additional activities to boost geographical skills and understanding. This stimulating series:
  • meets all the requirements of the Single National Curriculum 2022 in an interesting and engaging way
  • introduces students to key geographical concepts in an accessible way, with regular and varied activities to engage them with geographical ideas
  • provides a balance of physical, human and environmental processes, using a wide range of interesting and modern real-world examples to develop understanding
  • develops students’ geographical skills alongside their knowledge and understanding, with an additional chapter in each book giving extra support for key skills
  • supports students’ geographical knowledge and understanding with well-designed text at an appropriate level for their age accompanied by colourful and up-to-date resources
  • offers a wide range of up-to-date maps, images, diagrams, data and other geographical information to support learning and stimulate interest.

Secondary (9 books)

Show Books

  • Geography Around Us Student's Book 1

    ISBN: 1-845224-65-5

    Rs: 1500

  • Geography Around Us Student's Book 2

    ISBN: 1-845224-66-3

    Rs: 1550

  • Geography Around Us Student's Book 3

    ISBN: 1-845224-67-1

    Rs: 1600

  • Geography Around Us Workbook 1

    ISBN: 1-845224-68-X

    Rs: 650

  • Geography Around Us Workbook 2

    ISBN: 1-845224-69-8

    Rs: 650

  • Geography Around Us Workbook 3

    ISBN: 1-845224-70-1

    Rs: 650

  • Geography Around Us Teacher's Guide 1

  • Geography Around Us Teacher's Guide 2

  • Geography Around Us Teacher's Guide 3