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Geography Today, comprising 3 pupil books and skills books, takes a structured, enquiry approach to secondary geography and provides a firm foundation for the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus.

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About this Series

  • It develops pupils’ understanding of the broad scope of geography and the relevance and importance of geographical studies to pupils’ own lives and the lives of people everywhere.
  • It provides pupils with clear learning objectives, uses varied questions and exercises to develop and check pupils’ understanding of key concepts and topics.
  • The series enables pupils to interpret information from a wide range of sources including maps, diagrams, statistics and photographs.
  • Skills Books facilitate further practice and reinforcement.

Skills Books

Skills Books Provide:
  • up-to-date information as solid base for leaning,
  • a complete set of resources which illustrate and supplement the text,
  • numerous purposeful tasks which develop pupil's understanding of the text and lead to a sense of achievement.

Teacher Support

Teacher Support Books provide guidance, activities and answers to the exercises given in Pupil's Books and Skills Books that helps in understanding the lesson better. Teacher Guide also available

Secondary (10 books)

Show Books

  • Geography Today 1

    ISBN: 1-845222-57-1

    Rs: 1500

  • Geography Today 2

    ISBN: 1-845222-58-X

    Rs: 1550

  • Geography Today 3

    ISBN: 1-845222-59-8

    Rs: 1600

  • Geography Today Skills Book 1

    ISBN: 1-845222-60-1

    Rs: 550

  • Geography Today Skills Book 2

    ISBN: 1-845222-61-X

    Rs: 550

  • Geography Today Skills Book 3

    ISBN: 1-845222-62-8

    Rs: 550

  • Geography Today Teacher Support Book 1

  • Geography Today Teacher Support Book 2

  • Geography Today Teacher Support Book 3

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