KS3 Science

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Peak Publishing


Ed Walsh, Patricia Miller, Nicholas Paul


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KS3 Science is designed to support effective learning and develop pupils’ core science knowledge and skills at the secondary level.

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About this Series

  • Lesson content is clearly levelled to aid progression and provide full differentiation.
  • Engaging topic introductions test pupils’ prior knowledge while ‘How Science Works’ content places science in familiar context for pupils.
  • Thought provoking mid-topic assessments along with end of topic practice questions enable pupils and teachers to monitor progress and learning and also identify topics which may require further attention.
  • Pupil Books supported by Workbooks to enhance pupil learning and detailed Teacher Files for each level


Engaging workbooks provided for each year contain exercises and assessments providing pupils with additional opportunities to practice and embed and reinforce classroom learning

Teacher Support

The detailed, comprehensive Teacher Files are aligned with the Pupil Books and Workbooks and include lesson plans to assist teachers with the planning and delivery of lessons.

Secondary (9 books)

Show Books

  • KS3 Science Book 1

    ISBN: 1-845221-29-X

    Rs: 1815

  • KS3 Science Book 2

    ISBN: 1-845221-30-3

    Rs: 1815

  • KS3 Science Book 3

    ISBN: 1-845221-31-1

    Rs: 1815

  • KS3 Science Workbook 1

    ISBN: 1-845221-26-5

    Rs: 605

  • KS3 Science Workbook 2

    ISBN: 1-845221-27-3

    Rs: 605

  • KS3 Science Workbook 3

    ISBN: 1-845221-28-1

    Rs: 605

  • KS3 Science Teacher File 1

  • KS3 Science Teacher File 2

  • KS3 Science Teacher File 3