Language Tree



Course: Integrated English Language



Series Covers:

Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary


Peak Publishing


Leonie Bennett, Julia Sander, Laurie Sealy, Dian Maheia, Alice Castillo


Student Books:




Teacher Books:


Language Tree is a self-contained, integrated, multi component, 9 level, English Language Arts scheme covering KG to Class 8 and provides continuous, progressive, age appropriate content at each stage of pupils’ development.

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About this Series

  • The series takes an integrated approach covering a full range of language skills including listening, speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking and visual analysis skills.
  • Structured lessons introduce pupils to new concepts and skills and provide numerous opportunities to embed and reinforce their understanding through a range of varied activities.
  • Pupils and teachers can assess understanding and identify areas for further focus through regular assessments.
  • Workbooks provide opportunity to further practice.
  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Books for each level provide enhanced support for teachers.


The activity-based Workbooks are closely aligned to the Pupil Books and contain exercises for pupils to practice specific skills and develop their understanding. The Workbooks encourage critical thinking, analysis and creative problem solving through diverse activities including opportunities to fill in forms, interpret charts, edit texts and extract charts.  

Teacher Support

Teachers are equipped with Teacher’s Books which are aligned to the Pupil Books and Workbooks. They are designed to maximise the impact of the series in the classroom by providing unit-by-unit suggestions for homework, extension work, assessment and answers to the exercises.

Primary (15 books)

Show Books

  • Language Tree Student's Book 1

    ISBN: 1-845221-20-6

    Rs: 975

  • Language Tree Student's Book 2

    ISBN: 1-845221-21-4

    Rs: 980

  • Language Tree Student's Book 3

    ISBN: 1-845221-22-2

    Rs: 985

  • Language Tree Student's Book 4

    ISBN: 1-845221-23-0

    Rs: 990

  • Language Tree Student's Book 5

    ISBN: 1-845221-24-9

    Rs: 995

  • Language Tree Workbook 1

    ISBN: 1-845221-54-0

    Rs: 575

  • Language Tree Workbook 2

    ISBN: 1-845221-55-9

    Rs: 600

  • Language Tree Workbook 3

    ISBN: 1-845221-56-7

    Rs: 600

  • Language Tree Workbook 4

    ISBN: 1-845221-57-5

    Rs: 600

  • Language Tree Workbook 5

    ISBN: 1-845221-58-3

    Rs: 600

  • Language Tree Teacher's Book 1

  • Language Tree Teacher's Book 2

  • Language Tree Teacher's Book 3

  • Language Tree Teacher's Book 4

  • Language Tree Teacher's Book 5

Secondary (6 books)

Show Books

  • Language Tree Student's Book 6

    ISBN: 1-845221-25-7

    Rs: 1200

  • Language Tree Student's Book 7

    ISBN: 1-845221-60-5

    Rs: 1250

  • Language Tree Student's Book 8

    ISBN: 1-845221-61-3

    Rs: 1300

  • Language Tree Workbook 6

    ISBN: 1-845221-59-1

    Rs: 675

  • Language Tree Workbook 7

    ISBN: 1-845221-63-X

    Rs: 675

  • Language Tree Workbook 8

    ISBN: 1-845221-64-8

    Rs: 675