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Course: Integrated English Language



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Mary Bowen, Printha Ellis, Liz Hocking, Wendy Wren, Louis Fidge, Mary Bowen, Liz Hocking, Wendy Wren, Louis Fidge


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A 5 level, multi-component masterclass in primary English, Macmillan English is designed to nurture non-native learners’ language speaking and writing fluency to bring them on par with native speakers of the same age range

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About this Series

  • First International English course to be informed by lessons in native-speaker classrooms.
  • Participation-based learning such as shared listening and reading exercises, encourages children to work together, which helps build their confidence.
  • Traditional EFL methods are reinforced with phonics and sentence-building activities, giving children who are adapting to English as a second language the tools they need to start mastering it.
  • A range of course components, including Language, Practice and Fluency books helps children learn and practise new language in a variety of contexts.

Primary (15 books)

Show Books

  • Macmillan English Language Book 1

    ISBN: 978-140501367-3

  • Macmillan English Language Book 2

    ISBN: 978-140501368-0

  • Macmillan English Language Book 3

    ISBN: 978-140501369-7

  • Macmillan English Language Book 4

    ISBN: 978-140508125-2

  • Macmillan English Language Book 5

  • Macmillan English Fluency Book 1

    ISBN: 978-140500365-0

  • Macmillan English Fluency Book 2

    ISBN: 978-140500366-7

  • Macmillan English Fluency Book 3

    ISBN: 978-140500367-4

  • Macmillan English Fluency Book 4

    ISBN: 978-140508126-9

  • Macmillan English Fluency Book 5

    ISBN: 978-140508132-0

  • Macmillan English Practice Book 1

    ISBN: 978-140501715-2

  • Macmillan English Practice Book 2

    ISBN: 978-140501716-9

  • Macmillan English Practice Book 3

    ISBN: 978-140501717-6

  • Macmillan English Practice Book 4

    ISBN: 978-140508127-6

  • Macmillan English Practice Book 5

    ISBN: 978-140508133-7