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David, Penny Glover


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Macmillan Science is a 5 level Primary Science course designed to meet the needs of international learners. The course bridges the gap between mainstream curriculum learning and CLIL or English medium learning.

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About this Series

  • Each level promotes a modern pupil-centred approach to science learning with clearly structured lessons and carefully graded activities.
  • A structured and easy-to-follow syllabus gradually builds knowledge of key scientific areas.
  • Charts and graphic organisers encourage comparative thinking and ‘heads-up’ learning, with less time spent on writing or reading.
  • Critical thinking skills are honed through a series of activities that involve investigation, evidence gathering and interpretation.
  • Each Student’s Book comes complete with a useful glossary to help learners become scientifically literate.


Workbooks reinforce the learning content in the Pupil's Book with fun, practical activities. Key areas of knowledge are built up gradually and thoroughly and clear learning outcomes make the purpose of each unit clear to pupils.

Primary (10 books)

Show Books

  • Macmillan Science Pupil's Book 1

    ISBN: 9-781380000-24-8

  • Macmillan Science Pupil's Book 2

    ISBN: 9-781380000-26-2

  • Macmillan Science Pupil's Book 3

    ISBN: 9-781380000-28-6

  • Macmillan Science Pupil's Book 4

    ISBN: 9-781380000-30-9

  • Macmillan Science Pupil's Book 5

    ISBN: 9-781380000-32-3

  • Macmillan Science Workbook 1

    ISBN: 9-780230028-39-5

  • Macmillan Science Workbook 2

    ISBN: 9-780230028-43-2

  • Macmillan Science Workbook 3

    ISBN: 9-780230028-47-0

  • Macmillan Science Workbook 4

    ISBN: 9-780230028-51-7

  • Macmillan Science Workbook 5

    ISBN: 9-780230028-55-5