My Handwriting


Course: Handwriting Skills



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Pre-Primary and Primary


Peak Publishing


Peter Smith, Judith Williams




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My Handwriting is a 5 workbook, practical, multisensory programme designed to encourage the development of a clear, fluent handwriting style while also helping to improve spelling.

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About this Series

  • Workbook 1: Pre Writing Skills begins to develop fine motor skills and contains patters which provide practice in all essential movements for print script.
  • Workbook 2: Beginning Handwriting continues pattern work and introduces the letters of the alphabet, both lower case and capitals, together with simple words in standard print script with exit flicks.
  • Workbook 3: Beginning Cursive Writing introduces cursive techniques for joining letters of the alphabet and writing simple words.
  • Workbook 4: Developing Cursive Writing introduces and gives practice in correct joining techniques and basic spelling rules and patterns.
  • Workbook 5: Fluent Handwriting refines cursive handwriting through more advanced work on spelling patterns and language use.

The workbooks are supported by accompanying Teacher’s Support Books with practical ideas to assist the teacher.


Teacher Support

This series includes a set of accompanying Teacher's Support Books withdetailed , page by page, step by step support for the teacher.

Pre Primary (4 books)

Show Books

  • Pre-Writing Skills - Workbook 1

    ISBN: 1-845223-14-4

    Rs: 500

  • Beginning Handwriting - Workbook 2

    ISBN: 1-845223-15-2

    Rs: 500

  • Pre-Writing Skills - Teacher's Support Book 1

    ISBN: 1-845223-14-4

  • Beginning Handwriting - Teacher's Support Book 2

    ISBN: 1-845223-15-2

Primary (6 books)

Show Books

  • Beginning Cursive Writing - Workbook 3

    ISBN: 1-845223-16-0

    Rs: 500

  • Developing Cursive Writing - Workbook 4

    ISBN: 1-845223-17-9

    Rs: 600

  • Fluent Handwriting - Workbook 5

    ISBN: 1-845223-18-7

    Rs: 600

  • Beginning Cursive Writing - Teacher's Support Book 3

  • Developing Cursive Writing - Teacher's Support Book 4

  • Fluent Handwriting - Teacher's Support Book 5