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Louis Fidge


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A comprehensive phonics scheme, New Phonics consists of 3 workbooks adapted to introduce and develop phonic skills to further the essential early reading and writing skills for children in Pakistan.

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About this Series

  • The course takes a systematic approach to teaching phonics providing pupils with clear guidance, introducing and embedding concepts through varied, engaging activities.
  • The carefully graded books progress from introducing the sounds of individual letters of the alphabet to the idea that two or more letters may represent single sounds and subsequently to more advanced phonic skills.
  • Playful characters and bright, fun illustrations to capture the pupils’ attention.
  • Teachers are given support through helpful hints and tips on each page of the workbooks.

Pre Primary (3 books)

Show Books

  • New Phonics Stage 1

    ISBN: 1-904189-39-3

    Rs: 600

  • New Phonics Stage 2

    ISBN: 1-904189-40-7

    Rs: 600

  • New Phonics Stage 3

    ISBN: 1-904189-41-5

    Rs: 600