Rang Barangi Duniya

Course: English Readers



Series Covers:

Pre-Primary and Primary


Peak Publishing


Romana Hussain


Student Books:


Develop a life-long love of reading with highly-quality, engaging readers written by a much-loved author of children’s Urdu books.

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About this Series

  • Expertly levelled and use a range of interactive tools to help children take the first steps on a life-long journey of reading and writing.
  • Wide variety of illustrations and text types as well as bright and colourful artwork provides a rich and enjoyable reading experience engaging children’s imaginations.
  • Parent/Teacher support notes are included in the readers to help you monitor and improve reading levels for all children.

Pre Primary (3 books)

Show Books

  • Meri Duniya

    ISBN: 1-904189-18-0

    Rs: 415

  • Gino Rang Barang Janwar aur Khao Piyo

    ISBN: 1-904189-19-9

    Rs: 440

  • Hum ny Parhi Alif Bey Pay

    ISBN: 1-904189-20-2

    Rs: 470

Primary (5 books)

Show Books

  • Tamatar ka Tokra

    ISBN: 1-904189-21-0

    Rs: 550

  • Alag Thalag

    ISBN: 1-904189-22-9

    Rs: 550

  • Pipal Ka Paer

    ISBN: 1-904189-23-7

    Rs: 550

  • Saamny Aur Chupkay

    ISBN: 1-904189-24-5

    Rs: 550

  • Anmol Rang

    ISBN: 1-904189-25-3

    Rs: 550