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Secondary English for O Level is a comprehensive, integrated language and literature textbook providing pupils with well-rounded language skills designed to meet the academic requirements of the English Language O Level examination

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About this Series

  • This well-balanced textbook takes a highly structured approach to covering topics such as reading comprehension, language, spelling and vocabulary, punctuation, creative writing and poetry.
  • Pupils’ learning is enhanced and reinforced through a broad range of questions, exercises and activities.
  • The book promotes critical thinking and analysis and develops pupils’ confidence in their ability to reason effectively.
  • Can be utilized with the secondary level, Secondary English series but is also effective on its own.

Teacher Support

Pupil Books are accompanied by Teacher’s Guides which include techniques to aid pupils’ learning, explanations, background notes and answers to exercises within all the Pupil Books.

O Level (2 books)

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  • Secondary English for O Level Book 4

    ISBN: 1-845222-92-X

    Rs: 1850

  • Secondary English for O Level Teacher's Resource Book

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