Social Studies for Today

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Peak Publishing


Doreen Crawford, Teresa Crompton, Doreen Crawford, Alan Coulson


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Social Studies for Today is a well-balanced secondary social studies course taking a structured approach to covering geography, history and citizenship.

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About this Series

  • Geography: an introduction to geographical concepts, topics and issues relevant across the globe, with a particular focus on Pakistan.
  • History: a sweeping study of world history from early time up to the present, paying particular attention to the history of the subcontinent and other culturally relevant parts of the world.
  • Citizenship: covers a variety of topics to help pupils understand their various rights and responsibilities and become effective members of Pakistani society and the wider world.
  • Pupil learning enhanced by corresponding Skills Books
  • Comprehensive Teacher Support Books to aid teachers at every level

Skills Books

Skills Books for each year contain diverse activities to engage pupils and reinforce learning.

Teacher Support

Easy to follow Teacher’s Support Books provide lesson by lesson guidance including Learning Objective, recommended resources for the lesson, key terms, tips on teaching methodologies and more for both Pupil Books and Skill Books

Secondary (9 books)

Show Books

  • Social Studies for Today 1

    ISBN: 1-84522-006-4

    Rs: 1150

  • Social Studies for Today 2

    ISBN: 1-84522-007-2

    Rs: 1175

  • Social Studies for Today 3

    ISBN: 1-84522-008-0

    Rs: 1200

  • Social Studies for Today Skills Book 1

    ISBN: 1-84522-009-9

    Rs: 600

  • Social Studies for Today Skills Book 2

    ISBN: 1-84522-010-2

    Rs: 600

  • Social Studies for Today Skills Book 3

    ISBN: 1-84522-011-0

    Rs: 600

  • Social Studies for Today Teacher Resource Book 1

  • Social Studies for Today Teacher Resource Book 2

  • Social Studies for Today Teacher Resource Book 3