The History and Culture of Pakistan




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Peak Publishing


Nigel Kelly, Alan Coulson


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The History and Culture of Pakistan is a comprehensive History program written specifically for the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus 2059/01 and provides indepth coverage of the syllabus.

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About this Series

  • The book supports and checks pupils understanding through a range of practice questions including Cambridge exam-type questions at the end of each Chapter, Source-based questions, ‘Key Questions’ and ‘Aid to Learning’ questions throughout.
  • It develops pupils’ ability to learn and analyse important data by providing numerous, maps, graphs and diagrams.
  • ‘Read on…’ sections provide additional information to add colour and depth to pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the personalities and events in the exciting history of Pakistan.

Skill Book

Skills Books contain both engageable and challenging exercises to groom the students in interpreting and analysing the questions and answering them accordingly.  

Teacher Support

Teaching is supported by both a Teacher’s Guide as well as a Teacher Support Books for Skills Books

O Level (3 books)

Show Books

  • The History and Culture of Pakistan

    ISBN: 1-901458-67-9

    Rs: 2500

  • The History and Culture of Pakistan Skills Book

    ISBN: 1-901458-68-7

    Rs: 700

  • The History and Culture of Pakistan Teacher's Guide