Urdu for Cambridge O Level


Course: Urdu Language



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O Level


Peak Publishing


Sadia Seema


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Urdu for Cambridge O Level has been written specifically to support students studying Cambridge O Level Second Language Urdu (3248).

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About this Series

  • The book has an integrated approach to language development and is divided into 11 sections. It starts with twelve chapters in section 1. These chapters cover the whole range of exercises to develop Reading and Writing skills. Each chapter deals with reading comprehension, long and short comprehension questions, grammar, vocabulary and writing exercises. Section 1 covers interesting classical and contemporary prose with a variety of text types including narrative, story, email, blog, leaflet, newspaper report.
  • The book adopts a lively, task-based methodology and includes thorough coverage of all key concepts and language points with clear explanations and examples.
  • Pupils’ understanding is enhanced with extensive practice sections which cover the requirements of Paper 1 of Reading and Writing and Paper 2 of Grammar, Writing and Translation.
  • The examination guide provides an outline of the examination format and sample examination papers for practice.
  • An extensive word study section provides further support for pupils to make notes, conduct research, plan and write reports and give presentations in the Urdu language.
  • A list of words from each chapter with their meanings has been provided to develop deep understanding of language.